Acupuncture Kew

    MEDICUS are committed to being your local holistic treatment centre, offering everything from acupuncture to aesthetic treatments.

    MEDICUS are some of the leading providers of acupuncture near Kew, using our knowledge of this traditional practice to offer relief from insomnia, allergies, IBS, stress, infertility and more. Using specially-designed needles to stimulate the central nervous system, the body’s self-healing processes are triggered. Many patients report feeling better after just one acupuncture session, while some may need regular sessions to maintain their health.

    Chiropractor Kew

    Chiropractic care can assist with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. This includes sports injuries, headaches, arthritic conditions, back and neck pain, knee injuries and more.

    As some of the most trusted chiropractors in Kew, MEDICUS can work with you to improve range of motion, strength, function and decrease pain.

    Our practitioners incorporate a variety of chiropractic techniques involving soft-tissue and gentle joint manipulation and rehabilitation/exercise prescription .

    Naturopath Kew

    If you have been looking to reduce your dependence on supplements and medications, consider turning to our naturopaths. Kew residents looking to improve their health from the bottom up should consider naturopathy, as it begins with gaining a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, diet and medical history. After this analysis, a tailored naturopathic treatment plan will be recommended, which may include acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle advice, and highest quality natural supplements.

    Mesotherapy Kew

    Mesotherapy involves multiple superficial injections at specific points to assist with correcting a variety of health concerns from pain, to reproductive disorders, and inflammatory conditions.

    Aesthetic Clinic Kew

    As one of the most professional aesthetic clinics near Kew, MEDICUS have the skills, expertise and understanding to refresh and improve your appearance. From laser treatments and medical peels, to dermal needling, a range of aesthetic treatments are offered at MEDICUS.

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