Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Diagnostics and Dispensing

    Chinese herbal medicine combines various individual herbs, each with its own unique benefit, into mixtures that promote health and wellbeing.

    MEDICUS practitioners c arefully select the required herbs after a thorough analysis of each patient’s health needs. All herbs are of pharmaceutical grade.

    All herbs are of pharmaceutical grade.

    To begin the process, a practitioner will first identify the Pattern of Disharmony responsible for a particular complaint. This allows for an individualised herbal formula to be combined to correct this pattern. Sometimes, a single herb is all that is needed, while other times, more complex formulas are used. Individualised herbal formulas are usually based on a traditional formula, but can also be influenced by modern clinical trials. Herbs are then added or subtracted as per the patient’s needs to precisely treat all symptoms. Thanks to this flexibility, a more targeted treatment can be provided.

    This flexibility allows for a more targeted treatment approach.

    Learning how to correctly devise a herbal formula is a complex art, taking years to master. In traditional Chinese medicine, herbs are used according to their function, with a thorough knowledge of them being gained through research as well as centuries of tradition that categorise each herb according to temperature, taste, the Meridians and Zang Fu organs it influences, and their interactions. Dosages must also be considered, which requires expertise to be able to determine.

    Importantly, Clinical Physicians at MEDICUS are AHPRA registered practitioners.