Meet our Practitioners


Dr. Marcus Tomassoni

Dip Chiro, B.App.Sc. (ND) (TCM), PGDip (Acu) (Hom) (Hyp) (MedHerb) (Biomesotherapy) (Aesthetic Medicine)

Dr. Marcus Tomassoni is one of the few chief Integrative Medicine Practitioners who has specialized in a variety of modalities at a post graduate level both within Australia and overseas.
Dr. Marcus is third generation health practitioner.  He graduated in the 1970’s with Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Naturopathy as the three initial modalities which would prove to be his cornerstone treatments in holistic healthcare.

Dr. Marcus believes that a person’s health is determined by the inter-relationship of genetics, living circumstances and environmental factors, psychological health, nutritional strength and the correct alignment of the muscular-skeletal system.
Over his years in Practice, post-graduate courses of study (both in Australia and overseas) support and reinforce his firm belief that a clinician must have the capacity and the tools to assess and treat an individual with the specific purpose of rectifying health problems and bringing a return to, and maintenance of good health and zest for life.

To this end, other modalities include:
Advanced Extremity Manipulation– An advanced technique involving the corrective treatment of painful ‘joints’ due to structural misalignment.
Aesthetic Rejuvenation– A non-invasive aesthetic treatment for rejuvenation and anti-ageing. Including skin needling, aesthetic acupuncture, mesotherapy, and medical-grade laser treatments.

House and Hospice visits are offered to his most senior patients who are too infirm to visit the Clinic.


Dr. Gaylene Tomassoni

Dip Tch, B.App.Sc. (ND) (TCM), PGDip (Acu) (Hom) (Hyp) (MedHerb) (Biomesotherapy)(Aesthetic Medicine)

Dr. Gaylene Tomassoni is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner & Health Professional specialized in a wide range of significant modalities. These include Naturopathy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Acupuncture, Biopuncture/Mesotherapy, Eastern and Western Herbalism, and Homeopathy.
With a background in education, Dr Gaylene provides a unique platform in which to view, test and successfully treat patients with the ultimate purpose of propelling them to their unique and optimum physical, mental and emotional health.

The importance of psychological and environmental factors in realising good health does not go underestimated. Dr Gaylene’s work with patients undergoing stress, hormone imbalances, womens’ health and fertility issues, and paediatric conditions certainly reflects this.

Post graduate studies in the major modalities ensures a current perspective on effective and balanced treatment plans.

Dr. Gaylene’s keen interest and qualifications in anti-ageing and rejuvenation medicine, aesthetic acupuncture and medical-grade laser treatments means that a patient’s treatment truly encompasses physical well-being.

Damiano Tomassoni

B.Physiotherapy (Hons) M.Clin.Chiropractic B.HealthSci (Chiro) ICCSP

Damiano is a dual qualified Physiotherapist and Sports Chiropractor working at both the Balwyn North and Alexandra clinics.

Damiano is experienced in treating and rehabilitating a variety of sporting injuries and has treated various types and levels of athletes including runners, dancers, martial artists, soccer players and footballers. However, he enjoys treating mums, dads, grandparents as well as the weekend warrior for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions too.

He is member of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), Sports Chiropractic Australia and the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS).


Dr. Chiara Tomassoni

B.Health.Sci (Chiropractic), M.Clin.Chiropractic, ICCSP

Dr. Chiara is a graduate of RMIT University, having completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Chiropractic) and a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic.
Since graduating, Dr. Chiara has pursued and completed further study to specialize in the area of Sports Chiropractic. Her ICCSP qualification makes her an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, and allows her to continue working with sporting teams, clubs and athletes at events both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Chiara works at both MEDICUS clinics (Balwyn North & Alexandra), and also dedicates her time to working for Women’s National Premier League soccer team FC Bulleen Lions, and Indoor Netball New South Wales (INNSW).
She also has vast experience treating athletes in a variety of ages, and other levels and codes including Football, Beach Volleyball, Futsal, Tennis, and Athletics.
In 2015, Dr. Chiara was invited to work at the World Sport Games in Lignano, Italy, amongst a team of Sports Chiropractors from around the globe. Her work involved a highly effective collaboration with local medics and paramedics for the purpose of allowing the athletes to successfully last the duration of the Games, and to function at their peak potential.

Her presence at MEDICUS as a Chiropractor is a valuable asset.
While injury prevention, and performance optimization are her aims when treating athletes, Dr. Chiara also sees a broad scope of patients from babies and children right through to the older generations.


Dr. Davide Tomassoni

B.Health.Sci (Chiropractic), M.Clin.Chiropractic

Dr. Davide graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Clinical Chiropractic. Dr. Davide is currently completing the Sports Chiropractic qualification (ICCSP) to minimize injuries in sport and enhance athletic performance. His background in Tae Kwon Do, soccer and general fitness have also provided Dr. Davide with a broad knowledge of common sporting injuries.

Dr. Davide has developed an interest in improving community health by improving nervous system function as well as exploring physical, emotional and chemical factors.