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  • Time to Move!
    Time to Move!
    Exercising in Winter. Regular physical activity has been strongly associated with better health, both physical and psychologically. It has been shown to maintain and improve cardiovascular health when done regularly. It helps maintain a strong bone density, muscle strength and even shown to help in depression, anxiety and stress management. With so many health benefits, and 9 months of working hard to reach our goals, why do we stop in the winter months? What’s the answer? …There’s no one real answer as why we stop....
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  • Aesthetic Medicine: Skin Care in Winter
    Aesthetic Medicine: Skin Care in Winter
    A person’s skin is the biggest organ in your body, comprising of approximately one-sixth of one’s total body weight. It acts mostly as a barrier between internal and external environments. It also helps control functions such as temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance, sensory perception and immune defence. Many factors influence skin appearance and characteristics including: • Genetic and Hormonal differences • Gender • Age • Lifestyle factors and environment insult Environmental factors play a huge role in drying skin during the winter period. Have you...
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  • What to do for colds and flu!
    What to do for colds and flu!
    Need some help battling the winter bugs? We all know the symptoms of the common cold: sneezing, sore throat, runny nose and fever. Although these symptoms are usually mild, colds and flu are the leading cause of visits to your doctor and days missed from school and work. Dreading the winter months? The common cold strikes many people every year, especially during these frosty winte r months. Many people often dread winter, not because of the cold, windy, wet weather, but because they suffer terribly...
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