Acupuncture Hawthorn

    MEDICUS are some of the most trusted providers of acupuncture near Hawthorn, targeting issues as diverse as allergies, insomnia, stress, IBS and infertility. By stimulating the central nervous system and unblocking the Qi (energy) along the body’s meridians, patients can enjoy a sense of renewal and improved wellbeing thanks to acupuncture. Hawthorn residents wishing to opt for natural treatments should contact MEDICUS today.

    Chiropractor Hawthorn

    In need of a chiropractor in Hawthorn to assist with your sore back, aching shoulders or stiff neck? Are you plagued by an injury that’s holding you back from the sport you love?

    By gently manipulating the spine, joints and soft tissues, Chiropractic is a natural way of improving mobility and strength, easing pain, and restoring function.

    MEDICUS offer professional chiropractic services.

    Naturopath Hawthorn

    Have you been looking for a natural pathway to better health? Thanks to the help of our professional naturopaths, Hawthorn residents can focus on building up their overall health instead of simply treating surface level issues. By carefully analysing your lifestyle, diet and medical history, our naturopaths can target your health concerns at their core, providing a holistic treatment plan that is customised to you.

    Mesotherapy Hawthorn

    Mesotherapy affectively addresses many musculoskeletal conditions where pain occurs and function of movement have been compromised.

    The technique can utilise acupuncture points with a particular focus on areas of injury or pain to stimulate a healing response.

    Aesthetic Clinic Hawthorn

    If you’re looking to target those wrinkles, crows feet, skin tags, moles, sagging skin or pigmentation, MEDICUS have the solution. Offering individualised treatment, MEDICUS have the skills, expertise and understanding to refresh and improve your appearance. Techniques may involve laser treatments and medical peels, dermal needling, and more.

    We leave you looking younger and feeling rejuvenated.

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