Acupuncture Balwyn

    The professional team at MEDICUS endeavour to support the overall wellbeing of residents in Melbourne and regional Victoria. From our clinic in Balwyn North, we offer a variety of services such as acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, aesthetic treatments and mesotherapy. Balwyn locals can be sure they are in safe hands with the expert team at MEDICUS.

    One of our services most rooted in tradition is acupuncture, with many Balwyn residents turning to us for this treatment. Acupuncture can be used for a wide range of health concerns including the treatment of pain relief, musculoskeletal injuries, depression, anxiety, reproductive problems, thyroid imbalances and more.

    Chiropractor Balwyn

    Chiropractic care can assist with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including headaches, sporting injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and more. As some of the most trusted chiropractors in Balwyn, MEDICUS can work with you to improve the function of your body using chiropractic techniques involving soft-tissue techniques, gentle joint manipulation and rehabilitation/exercise prescription. This will improve range of motion, strength, function and decrease pain.

    Naturopath Balwyn

    Naturopathy involves taking a natural approach to healthcare, looking at factors such as nutrition, lifestyle and hormones to target your physical symptoms. These deep-rooted issues may be the cause of headaches, acne, weak immunity and other general malaise throughout the body. Thanks to the work of our naturopaths, Balwyn locals will be able to address the root cause of their symptoms, and also discover how to foster ongoing health, naturally.

    Mesotherapy Balwyn

    Mesotherapy (biomesotherapy) consists of the use of injectables to acupuncture points, joints, and/or specific trigger points.

    This technique, by its very nature, assists the body’s natural healing processes, and is most useful in the regulation of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions ranging from sprains and strains, to osteoarthritis.

    Aesthetic Clinic Balwyn

    As one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Balwyn, MEDICUS can help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals. From medical laser treatments for hyperpigmentation to dermal needling for a refreshed complexion, a myriad of safe and effective aesthetic treatments are available at MEDICUS.

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