Aesthetic Medicine

    Aesthetic Medicine

    Aesthetic Medicine is branch of medicine (distinct from plastic surgery) focused on satisfying the aesthetic desires and goals of patients. At MEDICUS this specialty is primarily focused on the pathophysiology of aging skin and working with the body’s own innate ability to correct and heal.

    Treatments are tailor-made to the individual and may combine a variety of treatments to achieve the best end result for the client. The end result for most people is correction of skin tone and pigmentation; skin tightening and firming; and wrinkle and scar reduction.

    Treatments available include:
    –  medical laser treatments
    –  aesthetic acupuncture and mesotherapy
    –  dermal needling
    –  the use of cosmeceuticals to complement treatments and improve the body’s own collagen and elastin production

    Coming from a background in complementary medicine Marcus and Gaylene provide non-surgical, minimally invasive and non-invasive solutions to common problems of ageing and sun damage.  The real benefit of the Aesthetic Medicine practiced at MEDICUS is the type of care offered to patients.

    Both practitioners hold certification recognized within the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework)  in Laser Safety for Aesthetic Clinics and Safety and Clinical Applications Using Intense Pulse Light.       Post graduate study in Aesthetic Medicine has been undertaken both within Australia and overseas but as this is a constantly evolving field MEDICUS practitioners continue to pursue innovations in the industry with great passion and interest.

    If you are unsure how we can help with your concerns, please feel free to contact MEDICUS to book an appointment to discuss intervention:

    –  in the treatment of the wrinkles, scars and skin tags
    –  in the ageing face, hands, neckline and décolletage
    –  in the treatment of the pigmented spots, and broken blood-vessels
    –  in the prevention of body ageing

    All procedures are elective and are performed on patients who do not suffer from illness, are otherwise in excellent health & simply want preventative procedures to help manage the normal effects of aging.

    Many procedures performed at MEDICUS are usually quick and can often be performed during lunch breaks.

    For more information on Aesthetic Medicine procedures available at the MEDICUS clinic in Balwyn, call (03) 9851 6600 or contact MEDICUS via email using the form on the contact page.