Acupuncture Rosanna

    MEDICUS offer a variety of holistic treatments to locals in Rosanna, Camberwell, Balwyn and surrounds looking to improve their overall wellbeing. Those looking for acupuncture near Rosanna should consider our well-equipped clinic in Balwyn. Our fully qualified acupuncturists ensure you remain comfortable throughout your acupuncture treatment, and leave feeling revitalised. Acupuncture can assist with a variety of ailments such as IBS, allergies, insomnia, stress and more.

    Chiropractor Rosanna

    Based nearby in Balwyn, MEDICUS offer professional chiropractic services to individuals and athletes looking to alleviate acute and chronic aches, pains and dysfunction.

    Musculoskeletal conditions that may benefit include sciatica, neck pain, frozen shoulder, sporting injuries, whiplash and more.

    Using gentle manual manipulation of the spine and joints, soft tissue therapy, and rehab or exercise prescription, chiropractic treatments promote ease of movement, decreased pain, and injury prevention. For a quality chiropractor near Rosanna, trust that you are in safe hands at MEDICUS.

    Naturopath Rosanna

    Have you been looking for a natural alternative to pills, drugs and medications? By reaching out to our naturopaths, Rosanna residents can enjoy long lasting improvement to their overall wellbeing. From analysing your diet to your medical history, our naturopaths truly dig deep into the cause of your ailment.

    Mesotherapy Rosanna

    Mesotherapy at MEDICUS aims at relieving chronic inflammatory conditions, speeding up the healing process of acute injuries, and preventing recurrence of pain and injury for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

    Our practitioners aim to decrease your pain, increase mobility, and hasten your recovery by targeting joints, trigger points and acupuncture points with gentle needling using injectables.

    Aesthetic Clinic Rosanna

    Our MEDICUS clinic welcomes you to address your aesthetic concerns with sun damage and ageing. You will receive personalised treatment tailored to your needs by skilled professionals.

    We offer a wide variety of treatments including:

    • Medical laser
    • Cryotherapy
    • Aesthetic acupuncture
    • Dermal needling
    • Medical peels
    • Cosmeceuticals to complement these treatments

    Regardless of the goals you have for your health, wellbeing or appearance, MEDICUS can assist you. Simply call us today to discuss your concerns or requirements with our professional team.

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