Acupuncture Doncaster

    MEDICUS are some of the leading providers of acupuncture to Doncaster residents, working to improve the overall wellbeing of our patients with natural, non-invasive treatments.

    Acupuncture has long been relied-upon for its ability to promote the body’s self-healing processes, allowing for health improvements such as improved digestion and sleep, and lowered stress and allergy symptoms. Contact us today to discover whether acupuncture could be right for you.

    Chiropractor Doncaster

    Our chiropractors are experienced in dealing with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions amongst amateur and professional athletes, work professionals and the general public.
    These conditions may include tennis elbow, headaches, arthritis, sore knees, hamstrings strains, and back or neck pain.

    At MEDICUS, our focus is to decrease pain and increase your mobility and quality of life.

    We utilise a combination of spinal and soft tissue mobilisation, exercise prescription and rehabilitation to improve health outcomes and prevent injuries.

    Naturopath Doncaster

    As your local trusted naturopaths, Doncaster residents can turn to MEDICUS for healthcare with a natural focus. Our naturopathic care is an holistic approach that focuses on your diet, lifestyle and medical history. Naturopathy is able to treat conditions as diverse as headaches, urinary tract infections, arthritis, depression and more.

    Mesotherapy Doncaster

    Also known as “biopuncture” and “biomesotherapy”, mesotherapy involves the superficial injection of acupuncture points and ASHI points.

    This modality is most useful in activating healing response and regulating inflammation of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems.

    Aesthetic Clinic Doncaster

    As a reputed aesthetic clinic, Doncaster locals can be sure they are in safe hands when they visit MEDICUS. Some of the treatments we provide include:

    • Medical laser treatments
    • Aesthetic mesotherapy and acupuncture
    • Dermal needling
    • Cosmeceuticals to complement these treatments

    From banishing fine lines to regaining your youthful glow, MEDICUS can help you attain your aesthetic vision.

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